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Haversac is a web based system for simple, fast, and cost effective electronic data collection (EDC) for pharmasutical clinical trials.  It represents the collective clinical study knowledge of four pharmaceutical contract research veterans, in various study roles, and their familiarity with improvement opportunities in EDC systems. 


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LendingLinc is a healthcare financial information exchange and reporting tool that converts data from billing and accounting software systems into a standard data format.  This eases data transfers to existing loan management systems and communication between borrowers, lenders, and other loan related stakeholders.


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From the familiar convenience of physician offices, Allerren provides staffing, material, and expertise to test patients for airborne, food, or insect allergens causing their reactions.  This knowledge assists with avoidance measures, option to pursue therapy, or guide referrals, in severe cases.

Delivering services through patient service centers (PSCs) and in-office programs, LabDraws™ harmonizes clinical testing into a single source.  LabDraws™ ensures a match for all insurances with an accepting laboratory.

inPicks generates a custom, printed referral list helping physicians guide patients to other in-network participants, for follow-up care and consultations.  Due to the challenge in finding follow up services and consultations that are in-network and of matching quality, inPicks generates a custom, printed referral list making it easy for physician practices to confidently refer to preferred care partners in a patient's health plan network.

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